Cory Tanner

Cory Tanner

Build your own development process with PostCSS

A UX Development team should put a good amount of thought into its development process and how HTML/CSS should be structured. I will talk about why PostCSS is a great tool for this and why I built a PostCSS package to be used in new projects. Having a custom made PostCSS package is great but the interesting part is choosing what PostCSS plugins you want to use in your development process and knowing why you need them.

The PostCSS package I built is focused on building modular CSS from scratch while using BEM naming conventions and SMACSS modular architecture.

The development process is not only about the plugins you use but the rules you give yourself while organizing CSS. For example we only use nesting for pseudo classes and media queries. This is a team preference that we find helps us keep our CSS clean and searchable. Rules like that are what make your process unique. Same goes for PostCSS, you can make unique plugin combinations to meet your exact needs instead of conforming to a prebuilt development process.

Cory is a UX Developer at DockYard, a design-driven software consultancy based out of Boston, MA. As a UX Developer, he has the responsibility to create and maintain organized HTML and DRY CSS on new and existing projects. Anything to do with HTML/CSS fascinates him and he is always looking for new and useful techniques to use in projects. Cory graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology with a BA in Web Design and Interactive Media.