Friday - April 29th

Time Speaker Talk
8:00am Breakfast & Check-in Light breakfast and pick-up your badge
8:45am Conference Organizers Welcome and Announcements
9:00am Ethan Marcotte Opening Keynote
9:30am Coffee Break (might as well)
9:45am Everett McKay Eight Attributes of an Intuitive UI
10:15am Coffee Break (yes, we know you just had one)
10:30am Jordan LaCount UX + Sustainable Design
11:00am Coffee Break (just in case you missed the last one)
11:15am Rick Cusick Reading Plus - UX in EdTech
11:45pm Lunch Not provided - see suggested places to eat
1:30pm Marguerite Dibble Game Design Meets UX
2:00pm Coffee Break (seriously)
2:15pm Cory Tanner Build your own development process with PostCSS
2:45pm Coffee Break (you probably shouldn't drink this much coffee)
3:00pm Gail Swanson Designer in the Machine
3:30pm Coffee Break (might as well)
3:45pm Karen McGrane Closing Keynote
4:15pm After Party!!!!!!! (or coffee break)